My Worst Nightmare - Casting Call

Have you experienced recurring nightmares? We want to hear your story. 

MY WORST NIGHTMARE is a new documentary series that profiles people who experience vivid, recurring nightmares, through first-hand accounts and cinematic re-enactments. 

We are currently looking to talk to men and women (18-75) in Canada and the US whose lives, at some point past or present, have been impacted by recurring nightmares. We are looking for people who can describe their nightmares in detail, and also open up about the events in their personal lives that may be triggering these bad dreams. We will be conducting on-camera interviews with selected subjects this summer to include in our TV program. 

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, send an email with the subject line "My Worst Nightmare" to

Please include:
- Name
- Age 
- City 
- Phone number
- Photo 
- Please send a description of your dream (s) from the first person perspective. 
- Tell us if you have a friend/ family member who might be willing to talk on camera about the tole this nightmare has been taking on you.

We are looking for English-speakers only. Thank you.